Thursday, September 05, 2013

Holiday Gift Idea: Popular Mix and Recipe Bags

Holiday Food GiftsHave you started thinking about gifts for Christmas yet? I just did some kitchen crafting with the holidays in mind. Gifts of food are always tasteful (double entendre intended). Festive hand done packaging and labeling complete the presentation.

I've been playing with a couple of recipes for DIY favorite food mixes. Today it was a healthier take on long grain and wild rice mix. I want the rich herb flavor that comes out of our favorite commercial brand, but less salt and smaller portion size.

Holiday Food GiftsMost of the copycat recipes for long grain and wild rice herb blends use a hefty proportion of "Spike" herb mix. Since I didn't have any on hand, I went looking for Spike recipes too. Would you believe that wonderful concoction contains over 15 different herbs and spices? I'm up to 17, but may add more as taste tests progress.

Holiday Food GiftsThe mix is pretty darn tasty already. My very picky hubby agrees.

The eight bags of two servings each will allow ample testing and tweaking. Each meal size pack cost one-quarter the price of one commercial brand box.

When I'm ready to make the actual gift bags, I'll use plainer bags (without the Ziploc logo)and add an artful crafty bag topper (yet to be created).

Here's your Home Ec homework for today. Post your numbered answers in the comments.

1. Would you like me to post my recipes?

2. Do you have any food gift ideas you'd like to work on?

3. Do you have any fun food mix recipes to share that would make good gifts?

Relevant links (to Pinterest, a blog or website - even your own) are welcome.


ACreativeDream June Crawford said...

1. I would love for you to post your recipes, a good recipe is a treasure (especially for the long grain and wild rice, yum!!!)

2. Food gifts... for Christmas, already? Have you been talking to Pat in my office, she likes getting an early start too...

3. Sadly, I haven't any... but will happily use the recipes you come up with!

LOL, oh my goodness Eileen... the holidays already! Pat (from my office) hasn't started her official count down yet, but she has warned us about the impending holidays on the horizion... it's too soon, the year is moving far too fast!!!!!!!

ShaaronC said...

Would love your rice recipe. Great idea Eileen. I do gifts in a jar which has been around forever. They can be found all over the internet. I was thinking of doing the cake in a mug as gifts. Put ingredients in mug with the how-to and put in a pretty gift bag. Also if you buy plain white mugs you can include a Sharpie pen for them to personalize the mug and instructions for baking the mug.

jinxxxygirl said...

1. I would love for you to post your recipes!
2. I have a hard time thinking about Christmas already even though i probably should. :)
3.Maaaybe one or two......
If i can find it i think i have a good hot chocolate mix recipe....

Hugs! deb

Eileen Bergen said...

Fun! I'll get the recipe(s) up next week and post link here to let you all know.

Shaaron, I love the cake mix in a mug idea along with a little craft how-to. So clever


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