Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sonoma, CA Travel Journal - Almost Free

Sonoma Travel JournalI'm finally getting around to recycling one of the Cool Product Boxes I've been saving for a while. This sturdy multi-page booklet arrived with a new credit card. I hate to think what it cost to produce these because that means I paid for it in my annual card fee. On the other hand, since I'm a crafter, it's free crafting materials!

We brought back many mementos from a trip to Sonoma, CA earlier this year - also mostly free - brochures, maps, business cards, stickers, and more. Because they were designed to illustrate the beauty and allure of California wine country, each is a work of art in itself.

The paper bag with the faux wine glass stain you see above became the cover of my travel journal.

Sonoma Travel JournalAll it took was scissors, decoupage medium, and ...


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