Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Craft-astrophes: Do you Have One to Share?

MoonstoneThis is my latest craft-astrophe. In Jewelry Makeovers and Mishaps, I share the methods which actually worked to transform a pair of wire-sculpted earrings, along with the mishaps along the way.

MoonstoneI call them craft-astrophes.

In hindsight, some of my failed ideas were pretty silly. But then, so were some of the things that worked really well – like the PearlEx pigment powder sealed with LED nail gel products.

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Craft-astrophes - we all have them, don't we? Do you have any to share?


ACreativeDream June Crawford said...

LOL... Oh, Eileen... how many I could share. Like the first attempt at the petroleum jelly resist I used in painting. It's supposed to resemble a peeling paint surface. It didn't.

Oh, and there's the time when my ex and I were first married when I was making salt dough ornaments for our Christmas tree. I wanted to make a teddy bear dressed in a police uniform to represent him, but it turned out looking like a pig instead of a bear. Good thing he had a sense of humor about it.

Or, how about the time I was painting a family crest for a client... the crest was 4 feet wide by 6 feet tall, and the only place I could work on it was sitting on the kitchen floor... worked great until just as I was almost finished the dog walked across the plate of red paint and all over the canvas...

Oh my goodness, I could go on and on and on... but that's all in the fun of it, right? I've always said I've learned a whole lot more from my mistakes than I have by the things I got right!

Eileen Bergen said...

Oh my, June, I would have cried if the dog walked over one of my pieces.

The Christmas Teddy pig story reminds me of the cable knit sweater I made for my first serious boyfriend. It had gorilla arm sleeves. lol.

jinxxxygirl said...


I sat here and sat here and thought and thought....surely i've had craftastrophes....surely......perhaps i've conveniently forgot them? There is however only one that sticks out in my mind before ive had my first cup of coffee this morning and its not really a craftastrophe as much as it is a lapse in judgement...but what can i say i was in LOVE.....Before hubby and i got married we lived in a trailer park in a terribly run down trailer, hubby worked in the army and i worked nights in a convenience store.....and....I guess i wanted the whole world to know that i LOVED this man so .... I painted our mailbox blue with pink and red hearts all over it.......sigh....I think it was a little loud for still get teased about it to this day....What can i say? Love makes you do crazy things.... :) Hugs! deb

Eileen Bergen said...

No fair, Deb. That's not a craft-astrophe. That's a very sweet love story.


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