Monday, July 15, 2013

Can Wood Glue be Used for Image Transfer? Let's Experiment!

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In the last episode of Can Wood Glue Can be Used for Image Transfer?, I expressed my doubts but promised to experiment.

After reading about the various types and compiling a primer on woodworking glues to answer Christina's question, it seemed to me that even PVA-based wood glues (a.k.a. carpenter's yellow glue) could not be used to transfer laser copy images from paper to another (wood-like) surface in order to create mixed media art.

Though other PVA glues, commonly known as craft glues and decoupage media, can be used for laser image transferring, yellow PVA carpenter's glue has resin added.

Laser Image Transfer ExperimentSince Christina also asked whether the laser copy image transfer technique would work on art journal pages, I used 160 g/m2 watercolor paper for this experiment.

Laser Image Transfer ExperimentOnly one coat with a foam brush was required because the yellow glue is quick thick and tacky. The thick consistency is good for image transfer; but the tackiness is not.

Laser Image Transfer ExperimentDue to the tackiness, the glue grabs the paper as soon as the copy touches the watercolor paper. There's no leeway for sliding the laser copy into position. I got mine a bit crooked.

Laser Image Transfer ExperimentI used the same credit card technique which I used to create the bird cage wood block shown in the first photo. [See How to Transfer Laser Images Using PVA Medium.]

The credit card really dragged against the wood glue. I created some ridges that I couldn't smooth out.

Laser Image Transfer ExperimentI couldn't remove the copy paper layer after a couple of minutes as I can with craft glues or decoupage media. See - the image hasn't transferred from the glue yet. It was looking to me like wood glue just wouldn't do.

Laser Image Transfer ExperimentHowever, after drying, there the image is! I stripped the copy paper off in one piece. That was nice compared to the piecemeal removal required when using craft glues or decoupage media.

Laser Image Transfer ExperimentI let the wood glue dry for several hours. After moistening the surface to rub away the remaining bits of copy paper (as this technique requires), I found the paper did come away nicely. Looking good!

The wood glue dries yellow as expected but that gives an antique look that could work in journal art pages.

Laser Image Transfer ExperimentOops ... when I got to the actual laser image it came right off in the rubbings.

If anyone tells you that you can use PVA or any other carpenter's wood glue to transfer laser copy images, them 'em that myth is busted and send them to The Artful Crafter!

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