Thursday, May 09, 2013

Father's Day Project: Mug Decorated with Baked On Permanent Marker, Conclusion

[This Father's Day Project: Mug Decorated with Baked On Permanent Marker started Tuesday. Yesterday we prepped the mug and readied it for drawing.]

Sharpie Painted MugWipe the channel with rubbing alcohol again, since you probably touched it a bit while positioning the guides.

Copy the text. I recommend black Sharpie for the text.

Sharpie Painted MugRemove cardstock guides. Finish off the descenders like the "y" in "here ya are ...".

>Sharpie Painted MugA semicircle punched on the edge of a piece of cardstock with a 1-inch circle punch makes a perfect template for the sun.

Sharpie Painted MugTape template in place and color it in with marker.

Sharpie Painted MugDraw rays to make the sun shine.

I found that a white Metalink permanent marker did a pretty good job of covering a few of my mistakes, like the small centers of some of the rounded letter parts (d, b,e, etc.).

Unless you want colors to blend for shading, wait for each color to dry before getting near it with another color. That's especially true with the white. For example, if you try to cover errant black marks before the black has set, you'll end up with blue not white.

If you are adding additional design elements, wipe the areas once again with alcohol. Draw the rest of your design.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

As you can see, some colors work better than others. Black is the best in both coverage and colorfastness.

Sharpie Painted MugSince my yellow sun dulled so much, I went over it with yellow a second time and rebaked it. That helped. See top photo.

There wasn't anything I could do about my blue bird of happiness which is now a green bird of ... I don't know what.

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