Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Father's Day Project: Mug Decorated with Baked On Permanent Marker, Part 2

[The list of supplies for this Father's Day Project: Mug Decorated with Baked On Permanent Marker appeared yesterday.]

Sharpie Painted MugDirections

Take the mug's curved surface into account when choosing your font and design. For example, a print font would be easier to inscribe than a cursive font; and a funky print font would be easier still.

Measure circumference of the mug. Mine is 10 1/2 inches. Choose design with that in mind as well.

Wipe the mug with rubbing alcohol to remove grease and oils.

Since I do digital graphics, I found it easier to create my design (to be copied onto the mug later) in a 10 1/2-inch wide by 2 1/4-inch high landscape document. You can also simply cut a scrap of cardstock to size and create your design freehand.

I used Waker font to lay out the text and space properly, knowing that I would not add the fussy little doo-dads on top of every letter. They're cute but make a long phrase more difficult to read as well as to write.

Sharpie Painted MugDecide the level for the baseline of the text. Use a ruler to mark the level on the back of your design.

Sharpie Painted MugTape the design around the cup aligning the line you drew with the bottom edge. That way, you'll be able to copy each letter onto the mug directly above its position on the cardstock. The baseline will keep your line straight.

Sharpie Painted MugTake a small strip of cardstock and tape it toward the top of the mug to mark the height of the tall ascenders. You now have a channel to keep the text level and of equal height.

Please come back tomorrow for the conclusion of this Father's Day Project: Mug Decorated with Baked On Permanent Marker.

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