Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Father's Day Project: Mug Decorated with Baked On Permanent Marker

Sharpie Painted MugHot out of the oven. "Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the oven."

Decorating ceramic plates or cups with permanent marker is fun and easy to do. This mug is for Father's Day. But of course, these would be great for many occasions.

The dishware must be hand washed - even after baking. While otherwise permanent, baked-on permanent marker is easily scratched off of ceramic in the dishwasher.

Sharpie Painted MugSupplies

• Sharpies in various colors*
• White Metalink permanent marker for touch-ups
• White ceramic mug
• Alcohol
• Cardstock
• Scissors

* Black Sharpies cover a ceramic surface well. Not all lighter Sharpie colors cover glossy surfaces thoroughly. The effect is more like a watercolor painting. As for baking - as is done here - some colors stay true (e.g. black, greens), while others change tone significantly. Yellow dulls to an almost beige. Aqua darkens and goes toward green.

Select a phrase for Dad. You can find some great quotes on the internet.

Here are a few suggestions:

• #1 Dad
• World's Top Pop
• Good morning, Sunshine!
• Top of the Morning, Pop-Pop!
• Have a cup of tea on me.
• You're 1 tea-riffic dad!

Note that phrases read left to right. So a right-handed person holding the cup will view the end of a long phrase. The person sitting across from him at the breakfast table will read the beginning of the saying.

I chose "And here ya are ... and it's a beautiful day" because it suits my hubby who is NOT a morning person. Plus we're both fans of the movie Fargo and of Frances McDurmond who plays police chief Marge Gunderson to a tee.

In my example, my hubby will read "it's a beautiful day" as he hoists his mug, while I will see "And here ya are". I like the way that works out.

Please come back tomorrow for the Father's Day Project: Mug Decorated with Baked On Permanent Marker directions.

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