Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jute Decorated Flower Pot for Mom

Jute Decorated Flower PotMake these pots for Mother's Day or other gift occasions. They make great housewarming or welcome gifts for new neighbors.

This is a suitable project for teens and tweens old enough to wield a glue gun.

I've decorated the pot with a red dyed rosette of twine. You could add leaves if you like.

Other suggestions for decorating the pot:

• Silk flowers on the sides;
• Decorative buttons;
• Tiny readymade satin rosettes;
• Designs made with Elmer's glue and then covered with glitter (be sure to let one side dry before moving on and lay the pot on its side while drying); or
• Old pieces of jewelry.

Here are the directions for a Jute Decorated Flower Pot.

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