Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Can This Card be Saved?

Making cards for Card Care Connection is forcing me out of my (digital) comfort zone. Mistakes and errors in design judgment are much more difficult to correct with a paper card.

Circles of Love Card for Card Care ConnectionI got carried away with the circles theme on my first attempt. Then I made the mess worse with sloppy hand lettering that I kept thickening in attempts to salvage it.

Can this card be saved?

That phrase brought to mind one of my favorite magazine columns, "Can this Marriage be Saved?", from Ladies Home Journal. It's not that I revel in the pain of a marriage on the rocks.

It's that I rejoice as the couple learns how to change their way of interacting to recapture the love they once knew. I like to think I've learned better ways of behaving toward loved ones myself in the process.

Circles of Love Card for Card Care ConnectionBut back to my card on the rocks. Attempt #2 wasn't much better. Nope, this union was never going to work.

I had to divorce all the embellishments and start from scratch.

Circles of Love Card for Card Care ConnectionAttempt #3, while not one of the best cards I've ever done, is a lot better.

I'm still wondering whether it's good enough to be sent to Card Care Connection. I'd appreciate your votes. Just "yes" or "no" will do. Leave them anonymously if you prefer.

If you have any suggestions for yet another do-over of this card, they're welcome also.


Anonymous said...

Yes it's a good card!

Jean Bowler said...

Yes. I'd be happy to receive a handmade card like that.

jinxxxygirl said...

I do like the last one. I think you 'saved' it. LOL! Perhaps its not cohesive enough for you because the sentiment is 'Circles of Love' and one of the largest embellishments on the front is a square window?? :) But i do like it and it is definitely worthy of being sent.....Hugs! deb

Eileen Bergen said...

Excellent point, Deb! Thank you for taking the time to critique it.


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