Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Protect Your Copyright: How to Add Digital Watermarks to Original Images

Deb left a great question about posting your original art on the web at How to make an Easy Money Holder Card.

I have a question about watermarks on images for Ms. Digital Guru! How in the heck do you add one??

You can see what hubby and I came up with in my latest post, Down the Rabbit Hole. We just did it in the section that allows you to add words in our scanner program.

Is there another way?? What's the best or easiest way??


ATC Card ChallengeHi Deb,

Your watermark doesn't look bad at all! Does your scanner allow you to choose the font color? If yes, choose a lighter tint of the color where it will show up on your image. For your lovely black and white doodle, a light gray would be good.

If the area was a dark blue, for example, I would choose a lighter blue.

The best way to watermark an image is in an image editing program like ...



jinxxxygirl said...

Your the best Eileen and i will definitely check this out for my next 'masterpiece'! :)Thanks a bunch! deb

Eileen Bergen said...

Masterpiece is right, Deb. I love your work and watching how you progress.

Your question led to other ideas for protecting copyright which I'll share over the next 2 days.


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