Monday, February 04, 2013

My First Artist Trading Card - All I Needed was a Deadline!

ATC Card Challenge
[Art is art.
Everything else is… everything else.]

I finished my first ever ATC in time to submit it to a Scrap Girls Challenge.

So I guess all I needed was a deadline to finally sit down and create an artist trading card. Oh, that plus all the beautiful Scrap Girls products which I layered to create this card design.

Creating in such a small space was a new challenge for me. So I reviewed some basic design principles.

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Diana said...

Love the card! You did a great job!

jinxxxygirl said...

I've heard of all your rules but the last one....Fibonacci? Not sure i understand that one and i didn't know rule of thirds meant 9 equal squares i just thought it meant you know And i totally, totally agree with your last statement!!
Love your ATC! Congrats on your first one!!!
Hugs! deb

ACreativeDreamer said...

I'm sorta giggling over here Eileen... you put so much forethought into what you are doing, and by contrast I put so little into what I start. I cannot believe this is your very first ATC, best be careful, you'll find yourself hopelessly hooked on the tiny, and so easy to finish, format!

Kim said...

I love your ATC too! Great job!

Eileen Bergen said...

Hi Deb,

I just love the sound of that rule "Fibonacci" - lol. I've never intentionally used it. The rule of 3rds is much easier to design by.

You're correct on the rule of 3rds - the difference between our descriptions is whether you're thinking of the dividing lines (your definition) or the spaces created by them (mine).

Thank you :D

Eileen Bergen said...

Thanks Kim & Diana! It's so nice of you to add some encouraging words.

Eileen Bergen said...

Thank you, June :D

You missed my point though - the issue was I didn't put forethought in.

My critique was all afterthought - lol.


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