Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Make Mucilage Envelope Glue

Resoften Glue in Microwavealt="Gatefold Card for Card Care Connection" border="0" />I noticed that Card Care Connection added new tips for hand crafted card donations on their website. It makes sense that handmade envelopes are not welcome unless they can easily be sealed by the volunteers.

If you make your own matching envelope, provide a way for it to be easily sealed. Use:

• Double-sided tape with removable paper backing - with backing left in place to be removed when the card is ready for sending; or

• Mucilage glue - the kind which dries and can be moistened again to seal the envelope flap.

So I went to work perfecting a recipe for No Boil Mucilage Glue.


ACreativeDreamer said...

I had no idea you could make your own. I love it when I learn something new, thanks Eileen!

Susan Hamme said...

Thanks Eileen. I am so excited! I have a lot of cards to donate but had no envelopes due to the sealing issue. Now I can use this glue! I'll be in touch soon. Thanks again, Susan

Susan Hamme said...

Thanks Eileen, I have a lot of cards to donate but due to the sealant issue I was unable to donate them. Can't wait to get started on the glue! Thanks again, Susan

Eileen Bergen said...

Susan, I'm delighted to hear that.

I think I'll share the recipe with Card Care Connection. If this issue was holding you and me back, I bet there are other card crafters with the same problem.

Eileen Bergen said...

June and Susan,

You might want to see how well the Homemade Envelope Glue Works.

I was really impressed!


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