Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Happy Endings" for Cyndi's Bead Embroidery eBook

Some Assembly RequiredCyndi Lavin has completed her e-book, Some Assembly Required - Bead Embroidered Components.

We reviewed the first three chapters as they were released, so I've had the pleasure of seeing the book unfold, of drooling over the gorgeous photos of Cyndi's creations, and of marveling at how she can make something so complex crystal clear.

I don't have the patience for embroidery, much less bead embroidery! However if I did, I'm confident that I could pick up needle and bead to follow along with Cyndi chapter by chapter. Her illustrated directions are THAT well done.

In the instruction photos, Cyndi purposely uses large, brightly colored beads and a contrasting color of thread so that the stitching will be more visible.

Some Assembly RequiredDo you think you could make this?

Some Assembly RequiredAfter viewing a series of close-up photos like this, do you think you could?

Chapter 4 is titled "Happy Endings". Should we give away the ending?

Happy Endings walks you through seven different ways to finish the edges of a bead-embroidered piece (with multiple variations), three ways to attach six different styles of neck straps, and five suggestions for clasps to finish a necklace in style.

There's a special bonus section which I won't reveal except to say it's AWESOME!

Previously we reviewed Chapters:

1. Three Bezels Plus a Bonus;

2. Peyote and Raw Bezels Plus Peyote Texture; and

3. Bridging the Gap.

You can purchase Cyndi's e-books at her Beading Arts website. Take some time to browse around. Beading Arts is full of beautiful designs and free resources.


Cyndi L said...

Thank you so much for your review, Eileen! You could *so* do this if you ever decided to give it a go ;-)

Eileen Bergen said...

You're welcome, Cyndi. I really enjoyed following along as each volume was released.

Eileen Bergen said...

P.S. I know I could, Cyndi, after reading your step-by-step instructions.

I'd like to try Kumihimo bead weaving first - just need to buy a Kumihimo board.


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