Friday, January 25, 2013

Kid's Clay Recipe - No Heat Required

Homemade Clay Snow PeopleMany homemade clay recipes call for heating the mix in a pan or microwave. After forming, the modeled pieces are usually baked in an oven at low heat. Such clay recipes are very popular today because they plasticize when baked. That is, they are true polymer clay.

You'll find The Artful Crafter's time-tested polymer clay recipes on our Cornstarch Based Modeling Clay page.

However, if you really need a homemade clay recipe which requires no heating to make or cure, I think the only option is ...


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ACreativeDreamer said...

I've used salt dough for years and years to make Christmas ornaments. The ones I made when my Big One, who is now 27, are still in perfect condition. And the ones that both of my children made when they were little are still treasured ornaments that I hope will last through their own children.


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