Friday, January 18, 2013

How to Remove Super Glue

Craft GlueTejae left a comment on the blog post introduction to A Tale of Two Nativities: the Original and a Copy (Repaired) wondering if there were safe ways to remove super glue without damage to the glued item.

Here's what I learned about Removing Super Glue.


ACreativeDreamer said...

I remove super glue using the pure acetone nail polish remover. It takes some soaking though. The problem with that is that you risk damaging whatever you've used the super glue on. I've also found that the surface you put super glue on plays a HUGE role in how well you can remove the glue. I use super glue on polymer clay pieces from time to time, and I can tell you the acetone removal method messes that up completely. Most important advice about super glue... be careful what you choose to use it on!

Eileen Bergen said...

Thank you, June.

I tried to use super glue for a polymer clay repair once and it wouldn't even bond. Too porous?

I can imagine that acetone would eat right through cured polymer clay!


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