Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hey Artful Crafter, Did You Mean Hardly or Heartily?

Laser Image Transfer to PolyurethaneI was looking for a recommendation for a good printer to use for crafts. You wrote: "the Lexmark Pro 905 which I can hardily recommend".

Did you mean that you can HARDLY recommend it - as in you DO NOT recommend it - or did you mean to say that you HEARTILY recommend it?


Hi Laura,

OMGosh, thanks for catching that and letting me know! I've corrected it to "heartily". I've also added the date to the article because it was written in 2010.

The technology curve is so short these days that you barely get a product out of the box and someone is already introducing the new improved, amazing, lowest ink cost …

I now have two HPs: an HP Photosmart inkjet and an HP LaserJet CP1025nw color. I finally bit the bullet and went for a laser printer. I wanted the laser printer for some specific crafting needs, i.e. image transfer and Lasertran decals.

I'm very happy with both my HP printers.

Thanks for writing. I hope that helps.


HP Laser PrintersHi Eileen,

Thank YOU!!! I have only ever had ink jet printers and I would have to go to the library to get toner based copies for image transfers. But now they are using a different kind of machine (I guess ink jet...).

So I figured I'd get a laser printer for myself. As you said - they are expensive. So I wanted to be sure to get one that a real crafts person would recommend!

Thank you SO much for your expertise and your quick response!

Have a wonderful day!


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