Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Recycle Popped Corks into Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornaments

Cork Reindeer OrnamentsDon't throw out all those corks that are being popped for the holidays!

Here's just one craft project they can be used for.

My friend Trish contributed the supplies and the cute idea. We made – from left to right – a calf (I thought a baby reindeer would be a fawn, like regular deer. Learn something new every day!). That's the buck in the middle and mama doe is on the right.

Cork Reindeer OrnamentsSupplies for Each Reindeer

• 3 or 4 wine bottle corks
• 12-inch brown or beige pipe cleaner cut into a 3-inch and 9-inch piece
• Two 1/4-inch googley eyes
• 3 black or brown 1-inch pompoms for ears and tail*
• 1 red or brown 1-inch pompom for nose
• 6 inches gold metallic thread or raffia cord for hanger
• 6 inches 1/8-inch wide red or green ribbon, or other wintery embellishment of your choice
• Serrated kitchen knife to cut corks
• Hot glue gun
• Optional: flat pieces of Styrofoam makes good fake snow for reindeer to stand on

* If you have 1-inch pompoms but they're the wrong colors, just roll in acrylic paint and let dry. The black pompoms in this tutorial were red to begin with.


These directions are specific to the little calf ...

Read more.


Shaaron said...

I have a huge container of corks from all my wine drinking friends. I am going to make a large hot pad/trivet out of them but I am surely going to make some of these adorable ornaments to place on gifts next Christmas. These are just too cute not to make. Thank you for the great tutorial.

Eileen Bergen said...

Thank you, Shaaron.

I love those cork trivets! I had one for years that finally wore out. I can't wait to see yours.

The one I made was in an oak frame, but I'd like something a bit different if I make another.


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