Friday, December 28, 2012

Advanced Shoe Design: Converting Kitten Heels to Flat Heeled Shoes


I can no longer wear pumps with thin heels. I have several pairs of kitten-heeled shoes I would love to keep. I don't want to remove the heels completely to wear them as flats.

Is there a way to install chunkier heels over the existent ones to make my shoes more stable while keeping the kitten heel height?

If not, where can I buy low block heels or wedges to have them installed on my shoes? Less than two inches will do.

Thanks. :-)


Designer PumpsHi Gata,

First, you couldn't just take the kitten heels off and wear them as flats. The sole of a "high" heel (any height) is not flexible; only the toe box flexes. In other words: take the kitten heel off and you won't be left with a flat shoe.

You would need real shoemaker's skills and experience to add something around the existing kitten heel for more support. It's better, really, to remove the heel and begin anew.

The easiest, quickest redo for your kitten heels is to take them to a shoemaker. This is not a simple repair job; but rather a design challenge.

The shoemaker will need to find or craft a heel that matches the rest of the shoe.

On kitten heels, a wedge or a thin but wider low heel would work aesthetically.

If you're interested in learning how to DIY after working through the process once with a pro, read Learning the Craft of Shoe Making.

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