Monday, April 09, 2012

Treasure Buried for Forty Years

Restoring My Silver Charm Bracelet I was looking for something specific for my last Global Genes Bracelet of Hope 2012, when I unearthed the charm bracelet my hubby had given me (piece by piece) during our dating years. We lost just about everything in a devastating apartment fire in 1971.

My silver charm bracelet was one of the few jewelry pieces we were able to salvage. It was blackened, badly damaged and missing about half its charms as well as its gemstones.

I tried to clean the bracelet at the time; but that was in the days before Tarn-X and before I knew ...

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Cyndi L said...

How totally wonderful that you're going to be able to enjoy it again! Maybe he'll add some new charms in the coming years to celebrate the newer phases of your life together :-)

Cherie said...

I'm glad you kept it, Eileen! I agree with Cyndi, maybe you'll add some new charms, too. It's a beautiful bracelet. Glad you were able to clean it up now.

Tammy said...

That is a good idea, digging out old, forgotten jewelry and sprucing it up to wear again. I'm sure I've got all kinds of stuff around here that could use a little love.


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