Monday, January 23, 2012

A Perpetual Reminder Calendar is a Decorative Handy Way to Keep Track of Recurring Tasks

Perpetual Reminder CalendarIf you have tasks with firm deadlines that repeat frequently, you may find a perpetual reminder calendar like this very helpful.

It's a visual and tactile way to keep on schedule. Mine is the first thing I glance at when I sit down at the computer each day. It feels good to move each task button ahead – sort of like checking something off a list.

This type of perpetual calendar will accommodate every month all year every year. However the days of the week are not shown because they would only line up in the usual way when the month starts on a Sunday.

As an example of how to use the calendar, the photo above indicates that the date was November 28.

The Artful Crafter (logo) magnet indicates I had pre-posted my daily blog posts through December 5. Yay!

The little magnet off to side, however, indicates that I had not even completed today's post for the other blog I write. Yikes!

It's a very clear way to see how I need to prioritize my day.


 Perpetual Reminder Calendar Supplies Click for the complete Directions and Supply List for a Perpetual Reminder Calendar.

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