Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If Not Now, When Will You ...?

Haiti House Tote DetailIf not now, when:

  1. Will I draw and doodle;
  2. Will I exercise again;
  3. Will I create something with

    a. My fabric and paper stash,
    b. My collection of wood oddments,

    i. Cigar boxes,
    ii. Drawer handles,
    iii. Jacaranda seed shells,
    iv. Cedar balls that have no scent left;
  4. Will I complete the online courses I bought or downloaded free

    a. Jessica Sprague,
    b. Scrap Girls More Photoshop Secrets Revealed,
    c. Interweave Paper Crafts with Alton Delaney;
  5. Haiti House Tote Hardening
  6. Will I play with the Easy Cast Epoxy which is so lightly used though it has sat on my craft table for two years?
No pressure here, but … more than half of these things will be done in this New Year – my year to EXPLORE and GIVE.

Do you have an "If Not Now, When" list to share?


Kim said...

I have a list of "if not now, when" that could be a mile long- it's a horrible guilt in the back of my head every time I start something new :) I look forward to seeing what you are going to do with the resin Eileen--I'm off to write down some of my list now :)

jinxxxygirl said...

Oh yes three folders full, everything from mosaic tile, to origami, painting,rubberstamping,make Halloween decorations, oh and about 50 boxes of ceramic figurines to paint............and the list goes on...but first the job, the move , find the perfect house, unpack then look out!!! lol

Eileen Bergen said...

Kim, isn't it awful the mind games we play on ourselves? Like, why should you feel guilty? You haven't hurt anyone or done anything wrong.

For me, I feel I can't allow myself to play with all my fun stash until I do all my work. Problem is the work just keeps expanding to fill every available minute.

If I'm going to EXPLORE this year with all these fun things, I have to find a better way of balancing and prioritizing.

Good luck to us both!

Eileen Bergen said...

Deb, by the time you get settled in the new house, you'll have so much pent-up inspiration, I know your art will come spilling out over everything.

Warn your hubby to get out of the way. lol.

Cherie said...

This really hits home for me, Eileen. I'm trying very much to get back to my creative projects rather than working so much at night and on weekends.

Hope you have a wonderful 2013!!

Eileen Bergen said...

Good luck, Cherie!

I've chosen "FOCUS" as my word for 2013. With focus driving my efforts, I hope to be able to actually complete more craft projects.

That should also address the guilt issue that Kim and I discussed.

Happy New Year to you as well!


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