Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Make Your Christmas Tree Sparkle with Sequin Faceted Ornaments

 Sequin Faceted OrnamentsThese faceted ornaments add a lot of bling to a Christmas tree, especially when the tree lights are on to reflect off all the colorful surfaces.


• Styrofoam "ball" with facets as shown
• Thin aluminum foil
• Piece of cord for hanging – about 6 inches
• Box of short straight pins – 1/2-inch if you can find them
• Sequins in four festive colors, e.g. magenta, cyan blue, silver and gold
• 5mm beads in colors to contrast with the sequins, e.g. green and silver
• White craft glue ...



Riley said...

That would be a nice addition to my Christmas Tree!

Cherie said...

So cute! My grandma and I used to make something similar to these together.

Eileen Bergen said...

Thank you , Cherie. I guess they are kind of retro. I didn't realize when I made them. We don't seem to use sequins much anymore.


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