Friday, December 09, 2011

Make These Sweet Bread Dough Candy Cane Ornaments

Bread Dough Candy Cane OrnamentsThese are great ornaments to make with the kids. Children 8 years or older can manage them completely on their own.

I bet you even have all the materials on hand.

Hanging the finished candy canes on the Christmas tree is fun and easy as well, because these ornaments require no special hangers. Just hook each one over a branch, scattering them all around your tree.

With 20-20 hindsight, I wish I had coated mine with gloss decoupage medium. I'll definitely do that when I take them off the tree.


• Batch of bread dough clay – If you don't have one of your own, you'll find My Favorite Bread Dough Clay Recipes here.

• Acrylic paints – I used white, red, gold (though I will use green instead next time).

• Narrow tip paint brush

• PVA glue or decoupage medium like Mod Podge or Liquitex

• Small non-porous dish (glass, ceramic, plastic, etc.)

• Kitchen twine or any cord of similar thickness

• Scissors


Make a batch of dough. Break off a piece and roll a snake. Round one end and flatten the other. Curve the rounded end to form a candy cane shape. Let dry.

Repeat until you have all the canes you want or run out of dough – whichever comes first.

Determine the length of twine you will need to wrap the canes for the traditional spiral stripe. Cut enough pieces (two or three inches longer) for all the canes you made.

Pour a puddle of glue into the dish.

Run a piece of twine through the glue. Wrap it around a cane in spiral fashion as shown. Let dry. Cut off any excess twine. Repeat with the rest of the canes.

Using the twine as a guide makes the painting really easy. Paint a white stripe between two lines of twine.

Notice how that leaves another stripe unpainted. Neat, huh? Repeat with all the canes.

Paint the unpainted stripe red, green or gold … or any color that strikes your fancy.


ACreativeDreamer said...

Looking at the photo (without reading yet) my first thought was..."how in the world did she get that raised line around the colors?"

String... what a great idea! Love how they turned out!

Eileen Bergen said...

Thanks, June.

Funny isn't it? Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.

Cyndi L said...

LOVE them! And I think your idea about coating them with medium is really smart. Sometimes bread dough doesn't make it past the mice in my house when I try to store it, but I'll bet the medium would help!

Cherie Burbach said...

I was just going to say what Cyndi said - great idea about coating them. They look awesome!

Eileen Bergen said...

Thanks for the confirmation, guys. I just took them off the tree and brushed on glossy acrylic glaze. Nice.

Now I have to take a new picture!


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