Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Makes Crafty Bloggers Tick: Eden Gasior - Part One

Have you ever thought about starting a craft blog?

We get to craft; we photograph; we write; we learn to program and write links; sometimes we whine or rant a bit. We get to connect with other craft lovers all over the world

It's a lot of fun and a lot of work. What keeps us going or makes us wanna quit? Let some of my craft blogging friends tell you why they do it.

Today's Interviewee: Eden Gasior

1. The best part about blogging is ... that it opens up a whole new world of like-minded people who share similar interests and their enthusiasm for art, drawing or photography from all over the country, actually the world.

It's so nice to get their support and encouragement. I have learned so much from my bloggie-buds. About blogging, writing, uploading apps, places to visit virtually, projects to get involved with, items to purchase. Yes, even ways to organize my computer and my work.

2. The worst part about blogging is ... exposing myself "out there". I'm never sure how my attitudes or art will be received - which can be pretty scary. But really it just doesn't matter, cuz if I’m enjoying it and I'm not hurting or slandering or stealing someone's work then that's good enough for me. It's also FREE, trust me I could be spending lots of money doing many other things!! I'm scared to death of the posts with ZERO comments!! Frightened even, LOL!!

3. The hardest part about blogging is ... not becoming redundant. I've done a whole series on my doodle directory pages and I am having a hard time making the next group interesting or different.

[Come back tomorrow for more of Eden's Insights on Craft Blogging.]


Cyndi L said...

Thanks for the interview with Eden! I look forward to the rest tomorrow :-)

rachel awes said...

i adore eden & her blog!

Eileen Bergen said...

Me too, Rachel!


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