Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Crafts: Kids' and Christmas Card Projects

Looking for little crafty gifts or something to keep the kids busy on a snow day? Here are a few we've collected over the years.

The two bread dough ornaments were made by my son when he was seven or eight. I made the clothespins skier and other clothespin gifts as Christmas presents one year for the neighborhood.

My Christmas themed Post-it note holder project was featured by (now a part of Zutter in their project gallery as a project of the month.

The stuffed cuddly snowman was created by my friend Shaaron Chambers from a pillowcase! You can take it apart after winter if you like. No bulky holiday decor storage problem with this project.

Just looking at all these memories puts me in a Christmas mood.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees

Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees are Everywhere

Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees in Traditional Red & Green

I've been seeing these cute cupcake liner Christmas trees all over the internet, but the cutest I've found are at Taters and Tots and Jello.

The photos are great, but the instructions are pretty sketchy. In trying to make them, I found certain techniques to be very helpful for cupcake liner Christmas trees.

Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees in Black, White & Red
I tried two color schemes: traditional Christmas red and green; and more modern black, white and red. My husband selected the traditional red and green cupcake liner Christmas trees for our home, so the images in this tutorial are a bit mixed.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Quick and Easy Christmas Tree Ornaments Part 2

Yesterday I shared the first group of quick and easy (for the most part) ornaments we've created for the Artful Crafter over the years. Today I have to admit, there are a few that take a bit more time and planning.

But they were a lot much fun to make! I'm thinking especially of all the light bulb ornaments and the mini-pine cone wreath ornament.

Time is so hard to find these days; but isn't it wonderful when we can just sit down and craft for hours? That's all I want for Christmas this year - time to craft to my heart's content. How about you, what would like more time for this Christmas?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Craft Link Swap #263

Cyndi has made a lovely ribbon necklace and has a book to give away! Tammy is planning a monster Christmas for someone special.

Carmi is coordinating her third annual special resin showcase! She will ship you two resin hearts to fill if you would like to participate.

I have a cute Victorian ornament template for you. The candy cones are made from paper and ribbon. Designed to hold candy, they could hold other trinkets as well.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend. We'll be putting up our tree today. Are we early or late?

Monday, December 08, 2014

Pinterest Tips & Holiday Most Pinned

Pinterest Tips & Things to Know

I have some Pinterest tips to share. Whether you're new to Pinterest or have been using it awhile, there are some things you ought to know. Pinterest is terrific if you know how to use it efficiently and how to avoid spammers, like fake followers trying to get information about you.

But first, to give you an idea of how useful Pinterest can be for people with business websites, here are our most popular crafts this holiday season as shared by followers on Pinterest.

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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Saturday Craft Link Swap #262

We have a fun lineup for your entertainment this Saturday.

Do you have your Christmas decorations up yet?

Andrew has been sculpting his own molds and pouring some pretty off-beat Christmas ornaments. I'm sharing winter holiday-themed decoupage glass plates.

Cyndi has created a gorgeous necklace featuring her hand sewn shibori silk flowers. What a great gift this would make!

Congratulations to Carmi for having her "Elizabethan Inspired Pearl Tiered Necklace" featured in the winter issue of Perles et Cetera magazine.

Tammy, The Crafty Princess, has a new book out. The title really surprised me. How about you?

Cherie is enjoying stretching her mixed media wings and going where she hasn't been before.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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