Sunday, September 21, 2014

Artsy Bloggers Roundup #341

Time to share some links from my crafty blogging friends.

This week, Cherie muses about faith and painting and growing in your craft - perfect for some Sunday introspection.

Cyndi shares one of her fabulous lists of resources. This one includes business and jewelry making advice from around the blogosphere.

Need a baby gift or inspiration for one? Visit Tammy for her Baby Box Giveaway!

Lisa just had a birthday and got a Pebble Smart Watch! Now she needs to make a bracelet to go with it. Any ideas?

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Craft Link Swap #251

Time to share some links from my crafty blogging friends.

Tammy has a big giveaway of baby things this week. Know anyone who's expecting or already has a new precious little bundle?

Andrew reveals the brilliant results of the Festival Lights Challenge. Do you know how his challenges work? Andrew sets the challenge and designs a bead kit for the theme. There are a limited number of each kit and they're sold on a first come, first serve basis. The the real fun begins! It's always fun to see the myriad interpretations of the theme.

This week, Carmi made more resin creations in home store ice cube trays. How cool is that?

Last but not least, see my first winter holiday card for 2014 and get my latest glimmer mist recipe - the best yet!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Little Free Library Box Decoupage Directions

I have made a Little Free Library (a wooden box where people can exchange books for free) that I have decoupaged.

I painted and then applied pictures I took out of magazines. It will be placed on a pole outdoors, somewhat in the shade.

I want to make sure that I finish it right. I am going to put 4 coats of Mod  Podge on it, letting it dry overnight in between coats, and letting it dry 4 weeks after that. Then applying a coat of Krylon Crystal Clear  Spray Varnish. Followed by 2 coats of Golden MSA Varnish. Then it needs to dry another 3 weeks? Do I have this right or do I need to  change something?

At this point, it is taking so much longer than I originally thought it would, I am not so sure I will get it placed outside this year. Maybe I should wait until spring? We live in MI.


Hi Bonnie,

Not to worry. Your little free library box can be completed in far less time than you've projected - probably even before the harsh Michigan winter sets in. I was born and bred in the neighboring state of Wisconsin, so I have a good idea of your concern.

It sounds like you're following directions for conserving an acrylic painting with varnish. While acrylic paints are acrylic-based as are decoupage media, varnishing a decoupaged item is simpler. Decoupage media dry harder than layers and layers of acrylic paint on canvas.

If you didn't seal the magazine images before gluing them down and had no ink bleeding or show-through, that's great. At this point, I would still take the precaution of applying two coats of clear spray acrylic to seal before encasing the images in decoupage medium.

Spray acrylic dries rapidly. Two coats will take about a half hour.

Four coats of Mod Podge is excessive. Also, it is not necessary to let each coat dry overnight. Two coats should be sufficient and you only need to let the first coat dry to the touch before applying the second.

Then let the box sit to cure for about six hours. How to test: the surface should be dry to-the-touch, hard and room temperature - not cooler. Cooler-to-the-touch means moisture is still evaporating and the piece is not sufficiently cured.

Water-based PVA (acrylic) media dry by evaporation and, since your climate is quite dry this time of year, four hours might be sufficient. Six hours or overnight leaves a good margin of safety.

You've just lopped 31 days from your project plan.

[Note: The purpose of applying a clear acrylic spray at this point would be to create an "isolation coat." I don't believe you need an isolation coat for this project. The purpose of an isolation coat is to protect a painting underneath from chemicals which may later be used to remove varnish. If you don't anticipate anyone removing the varnish to conserve your masterpiece in the future, you can skip the isolation coat.]

Your choice of Golden MSA Varnish is an excellent one. Golden's Mineral Spirit Acrylic (MSA) Varnish has UV Light Stabilizers (UVLS) and is a "mineral spirit-based acrylic resin system for acrylic, oil, and alkyd surfaces." Mod Podge is acrylic-based as I mentioned earlier. MSA Varnish can be used for exterior applications.

[Note: Golden MSA Acrylic Varnish has a thicker viscosity than traditional varnishes. It must be thinned with Golden MSA Solvent before use.]

According to a Golden representative, their MSA varnish dries quickly and cures in two to three days. Two or three coats should be sufficient and can be applied in one day.

Allowing three days for curing lops another 18 days from you project schedule.

You should be able to complete this project in a week. Any winter storms in the forecast for the next week?


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